Fair for the Future

Sustainability First’s new major Fair for the Future Project is helping energy (retail and network, gas and electricity) and water companies better address the politics of fairness and the environment. It aims to:

  • Identify a common framework of good practice/standards for doing this – that goes ‘above and beyond’ legal compliance and basic CSR – that sets the ambition companies need to measure up to in the future – rather than being based on what is achievable now.
  • Embrace disruption so that companies are better able to anticipate, influence and proactively cope with change – including in public opinion.
  • Develop a radical step change in company approaches to engagement, governance and business models.
  • Enable companies to take the initiative to develop new, direct structured relationships with their consumers and wider stakeholders – that build trust.
  • Build a bridge between polarised political debates without being political.

The Project was kicked off in Spring 2018 and will run for three years. The Project’s two workstreams entail: developing a ‘Sustainable Licence to Operate’ for energy and water companies; and developing a framework to map political and regulatory uncertainty and risk in the sectors.



Anglian Water, Cadent, National Grid, Northern Powergrid, npower, Portsmouth Water, South East Water, Thames Water, UK Power Networks, Western Power Distribution and Ofgem


Framing a ‘Sustainable Licence to Operate’ for the water and energy sectorsFtTF Strawman cover
Strawman summary leaflet
October 2018

Framing a ‘Sustainable Licence to Operate’ for the water and energy sectors
Strawman: Framework and issues
October 2018

Political & Regulatory Uncertainty & Risk - Discussion Paper
8 October 2018