What do public purpose, philosophy and public service values mean for the energy and water sectors?

In the face of the nationalisation challenge, and concerns around social justice and democratic deficits, many energy and water companies have started to ask themselves fundamental questions about what they are there to do and the impact that they want to have as a business. Across a whole range of sectors, academics, politicians, and of course com...

Our waste, our resources - let's not waste the opportunity for more radical change

As we get back to work after the break, many of us will be reflecting on the fact that Christmas is often a time of excess.A time when much gets consumed – and much gets wasted: food, packaging and unwanted presents to name but a few. At the end of December the government published its eagerly anticipated Our waste, our resources: a strategy for En...

Walking the talk – what might a ‘Sustainable Licence to Operate’ look like for water and energy?

With almost a quarter of the population living on incomes below the poverty line (after housing costs), and with nearly one in three children living in poverty and the rate rising, the issue of fairness is very much in the public spotlight. As providers of universally used essential services, energy and water companies are in the front line of thes...

Time for a new approach to political and regulatory uncertainty and risk in the energy and water sectors

Uncertainty and risk relating to fairness and the environment are not new in the UK energy and water sectors.However, new challenges faced by the sectors demand a fundamental rethink of today's treatment and handling of both – be this by government, regulators, company managements and/or their investors.This is not simply about a nationalization ch...

Policy, regulation and public interest outcomes in energy and water: navigating a disrupted world

The Fourth Industrial Revolution. Climate change that may exceed 1.5° warming unless 'rapid and far-reaching measures are taken.'What Michael Gove has called 'the unfrozen moment'. What do these three disruptors – technological, climate and societal - mean for the UK energy and water sectors and what challenges do they pose for policy makers and re...

Don’t get tangled up in the pipes and wires

Don't get tangled up in the pipes and wires or purely hung up on returns, says Sustainability First Director, Sharon Darcy.  Instead ensure public interest outcomes flow through the RIIO2 framework 'like the lettering in a stick of rock' RIIO2, the new price control for energy networks, may not sound the most exciting development in the energy...