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Bridging Corona to a Sustainable Future

The historian Peter Hennessy has said that we will look back and divide history into ‘BC’ - Before Corona - and ‘AC’ - After Corona.  We are currently living in ‘DC’ - During Corona. 

We are kicking off a new piece of work on the impact of the corona virus on the sustainability of essential services and critical national infrastructure – such as energy, water and communications.   

We recognise the absolute priority that needs to be attached to addressing the public health emergency – along with the economic fall out that this is having on people’s livelihoods.   However, it is vital that we do not lose sight of the environmental crisis that we also face. 

Our aims are to:

  • Build a coalition for sustainability now - to ensure that we keep the environment on the agenda and that the green economy opportunity is not lost ‘After Corona’.
  • Help ensure economic support strategiesDuring Corona’ are conditional - as far as possible, on pro-green and joined up people centred approaches and don’t bake in ‘BAU’ and less sustainable activities.
  • Focus policy, regulatory and company activity on the most significant distributional impacts and priorities - strategically resetting approaches to uncertainty.
  • Test new and innovative ways to give people a sense of agency ‘During Corona’ – developing positive visions of what they can do for the world ‘After Corona’.
  • Learn from the corona crisis - collect evidence of real-world approaches to disruption and resilience that may be helpful and relevant for addressing the climate crisis.

The corona virus crisis is a global human tragedy.  However, as our Letter to the Financial Times of 16th March 2020 highlights, it is also a spur; a spur to galvanise policy makers, regulators and companies to work together – and with their stakeholders - for the wider common good.

If you would like to join us in this work, please do get in touch.