consultation submissions heroConsultation Submissions

Ofgem’s Impact Assessment Guidance (including distributional impacts)
September 2020

Ofgem’s Impact Assessment Guidance (including distributional impacts) – Technical Paper from Grid Edge Policy
September 2020

Ofgem. ED2 Methodology Consultation
September 2020

Ofgem consultation on Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement
September 2020

Ofgem, RIIO2, Draft Determinations for Gas and Electricity Transmission (T2), Gas Distribution (GD2) and Electricity System Operator (ESO) RIIO2 price controls
September 2020

House of Lords Covid-19 Committee – Life Beyond Covid
August 2020

BEIS Committee – Post-pandemic economic growth inquiry - Sustainability First evidence
Published July 2020

BEIS economic recovery initiative
Published June 2020

Ofgem, RIIO2 - Net-Zero Reopener
Published May 2020

Ofgem’s Decarbonisation Programme Action Plan
Published February 2020

Citizens Advice Draft Consumer Work Plan – Response
Published January 2020

Ofgem, Submission to RIIO ED2 Open Letter
Published October 2019

Ofwat, Consultation on driving transformational innovation in the water sector
Published September 2019

Consultation on flexible and responsive energy retail markets

Published September 2019

Ofgem's Draft Consumer Vulnerability Strategy 2025 consultation
Published August 2019

Conditions for effective competition consultation, Ofgem
Published June 2019

Ofwat Emerging Strategy consultation
Published June 2019

Future of regulation study, National Infrastructure Commission, Call for evidence
Published April 2019

Potential impacts on consumers following market wide settlement reform, Call for evidence, Ofgem
Published March 2019

RIIO2 Methodology consultation, Ofgem
Published February 2019

Response to HMT consultation on innovation & regulated utilities
Published January 2019

Smart appliances consultation, BEIS
Published June 2018

RIIO2 Framework consultation, Ofgem
Published May 2018

Building a market for energy efficiency, call for evidence, BEIS
Published January 2018

Cost of energy review, call for evidence, BEIS
Published December 2017

Future supply market arrangements, call for evidence, Ofgem
Published December 2017

Smart, flexible energy system, call for evidence, BEIS
Published January 2017

National Infrastructure Assessment, Process and Methodology Consultation
Published July 2016

Investor Confidence, ECC Select Committee
Published October 2015
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FIT Consultation, DECC
Published September 2015
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Non-Traditional Business Models, Ofgem
Published September 2015 
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Extending Retail Competition to the Household Sector, Ofwat
Published August 2015
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Energy Market Investigation, CMA
Published July 2015
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Future Energy Policy Challenges, ECC Select Committee
Published November 2014
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Submission to DECC Community Energy Call for Evidence
Published October 2013
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Ofgem Consultation Response - Electricity DSR
Published July 2013
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Submission to DECC Electricity Demand Reduction Consultation
Published February 2013
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