Upcoming Events

Past Events

11 April 2018:  Power Responsive Steering Group

26th April
Sharon Darcy speaking at Westminster Forum for the Environment, Energy and Transport conference on priorities for the UK energy market

1st May:  Project Compact kick-off meeting

26th April:  Sharon Darcy speaking on priorities for the UK energy market

29th June:  Sharon Darcy speaking on the long-term public interest in energy and water

14th September 2018

Ending Energy Poverty in Europe, How best to design a scheme that really benefits the poor and vulnerable, CEER / European University Institute, Florence School of Regulation (Sharon Darcy)

10th October 2018

Utility Week Conference, Beyond Utility and Price Control Boundaries (Sharon Darcy)

6th November 2018

Defining the Social Contract Summit, Indepen and the Water Report, (Sharon Darcy)

March 2018
Project Inspire: Credit Summit (Zoe Mcleod)

View Project Inspire: Credit Summit (Presentation)

18th May 2018
Project Inspire: Ofgem’s Independent Supplier Forum (Zoe Mcleod)

15th May 2018
‘How can existing market players fit into a sustainable heat future?’ at UKERC/University of Exeter Conference on Future of Heat Incumbency’ (Judith Ward, Chair)

31st May 2018
Sustainability First Roundtable on Low Carbon Incentive.

15th June 2018
'Teddi, BuildTeddi & TEDDINET – what does success look like?’ at the ‘What do energy companies, SMEs and other market actors need from the research community to realise the benefits of digital innovation for consumers?’ Session of the TEDDINET Close-Down Workshop on Transforming Energy Demand Through Digital Innovation (Judith Ward)

10th July
IgoV Roundtable – Putting People at the Heart of the Energy System (Sharon Darcy)

20th September

Fair for the Future Project: Workshop to consider ‘Sustainable Licence to Operate’ strawman and political and regulatory uncertainty and risk Discussion Paper

26th September

Power Responsive: Local Authorities workshop on demand side flexibility

26th September

Sustainability First Trustee Meeting

19th October

Public Interest Advisory Group on smart meter data: Research expert round table

23rd October 2018

Power Responsive: Flexibility Forum

30th October 2018

Fair for the Future Project: Political and regulatory uncertainty and risk: Working Group Meeting 2