New-Pin Workshops

New-Pin workshops sought to build a bridge between different stakeholders, find consensus where possible, and deepen understanding of what constitutes the long-term public interest on key topics.
Each workshop tackled a different topic and explored:

  • the commonality between the water and energy sectors;
  • tensions between short and long-term;
  • tensions between national, regional and local interests; and
  • practical next steps.

A paper was produced for each workshop, final copies of which can be found here.

New-Pin kick-off workshop: How do you define the long-term public interest in the energy and water sectors? (10 July 2015)

New-Pin workshop 1: Long-term affordability – taxpayers, all consumers or just certain bill payers : who should pay for our infrastructure resilience and renewal and the move to low carbon? (28 October 2015)

New-Pin workshop 2: Trust and Confidence - how do we ensure that energy and water companies and their regulators are worth the public’s trust? (24 February 2016)

New-Pin workshop 3: Resilience in the face of climate and demographic change - are twentieth century standards and public expectations appropriate for the challenges of the twenty first? (22 June 2016)

New-Pin workshop 4: Stakeholder and customer engagement, and capacity building (19 October 2016)

New-Pin workshop 5: Competition policy and the public interest agenda (22 February 2017)

New-Pin workshop 6: Tomorrow’s World - Future energy and water consumers and citizens: what do their needs imply for national infrastructure, communities and the individual?  Building understanding amongst decision makers and capacity amongst public interest advocates (18 July 2017)

New-Pin workshop 7:  Innovation, regulation and intervention (15 November 2017)

New-Pin workshop 8: Final wrap up conference  (28 February 2018)