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New-Pin final report:

Looking to the long-term: hearing the public interest voice in energy and water
Eight agendas for change
(February 2018)

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Innovation in energy and water Workshop, 15 November 2017
Final paper                                      Briefing paper 

Board governance summary conclusions

Check-list for energy and water board effectiveness
Checklist                                          Annexes 1-4                                  Annexes 5-6 

'Tomorrow's World' Consumer Citizen Checklist

Energy and water in 2030: Different groups and different needs video thumb 1
Video from Common Vision UK on Vimeo.



Building citizen awareness and about energy and water systems: A view from millennials
Video from Common Vision UK on thumb 2



'Tomorrow's World' briefing paper, 19 July 2017

Market Approaches Workshop, 22 February 2017
Slide set                                  Infographic

Mid Project Report
Paper                                      Summary and key messages 

Stakeholder Engagement and Capacity Building Workshop, 19 October 2016
Final paper                             Briefing paper                      Meeting slides

Research approaches overview (paper by Britain Thinks and London Economics)

Long-run Resilience Workshop, 22 June 2016
Final paper                             Briefing paper                      Meeting slides
Electricity North West case study          Part 1                   Part 2 
WPD case study

Trust and Confidence Workshop, 24 February 2016
Final paper                             Briefing paper                      Meeting slides

New-Pin - Customer Engagement in Regulation, LSE Meeting Slides, 7 December 2015 

Long-Term Affordability Workshop, 28 October 2015
Final paper                             Briefing paper                      Meeting slides

Towards a definition of the long-term public interest
A New-Pin background working paper
5 August 2015

Suggested framework and process to explore long-term public interest issues in
New-Pin workshop papers and discussions
7 August 2015