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How can the Private Rented Sector act as a barrier for future energy consumers?
Sharon Darcy Presentation to Citizens Advice Workshop
24th July 2020

How do we get the shift that government, regulators and industry need to make to
transition to a fair, smart and low carbon future energy market?
Speech given by Sharon Darcy- Citizens Advice Conference
April 2019

Regulation and public interest outcomes in energy and water: moving beyond compliance and towards a ‘Sustainable Licence to Operate’ for a disrupted world
Speech given by Sharon Darcy at the Regulatory Policy Institute, Hertford Seminar
29th June 2018

Project ‘Inspire’ - Innovation and consumer vulnerability: improving service for
energy customers in vulnerable situations
Presentation given by Zoe McLeod - Energy UK
April 2018

Horizon scan to set the scene for the future context for essential services
Speech given by Sharon Darcy to the Essential Services Action Network Conference on What would really help users of essential services?
12 March 2018

Beyond window dressing: Putting customer, future consumer and wider stakeholder interests at the heart of company and regulatory decision making. A perspective from the UK energy market
Presentation given by Sharon Darcy to the Australian Energy Regulatory in Gill Owen’s memory in Melbourne.
7 February 2018

Enabling domestic demand-side flexibility: what issues still need to be tackled?
Presentation given by Judith Ward to the BEIS/Ofgem Smart Systems Forum
5 October 2017

Households & electricity demand-side flexibility
Presentation given by Judith Ward at the Welsh Government's Smart Living Technical Group
14 March 2017

Regulating in the public interest
Lecture given by Sharon Darcy at the London School of Economics
15 February 2017

Household water competition
Presentation given by Sharon Darcy to a meeting on water market reform of the Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum
5 July 2016 

The Smart Electricity Consumer: realising the electricity demand-side resource 
Lecture at Imperial College
Published June 2015  

GB Electricity Demand Project - Paper 10
Slides from SmartGrid GB Workshop - London
Published March 2014