arts project hero3Sustainable Futures Art Project



The Sustainable Futures Art Project aims to set out a vision for social, environmental and economic sustainability through art, with a particular focus on climate change and the sectors of energy, water and waste. The project will bring together knowledge from these sectors and art practice, to encourage dialogue, change behaviours, educate and inspire people, through hearts as well as minds, for a more sustainable future. It will involve collaboration between artists, schools and those working in the energy, water and waste sectors. Artists’ work will raise awareness with a wide audience about the challenges faced and potential solutions. The project incorporates four main elements:

  • Artist residency programme – artist residency placements in the energy, water and waste sectors to consider and respond to issues of climate change and sustainability.
  • Education – school workshops combining education on climate change, sustainability issues and artistic expression.
  • The Sustainable Futures Art Prize – an open art competition, with an overarching prize and sector specific prizes in energy, water and waste. With separate prizes for artists and young people. This will involve an exhibition and prize giving ceremony.
  • Public engagement – awareness raising on climate change and sustainability issues and environmental advocacy through art works and creative processes (linked to the above).