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We are a think-tank and charity that works in essential services to promote practical solutions to improve environmental, social and economic well-being..


Virtual Book 2021

Virtual Book 2021

Our 2021 virtual book synthesises the key messages we heard from contributors across the Together for a Fair Climate Future programme, in addressing both the climate crisis and social inequality. It showcases entries to the art and writing prizes and shares responses to climate challenges.

Fairness between generations

Fairness between generations

One of the challenges in tackling a long-term fundamental issue like climate change is to ensure that the approach taken is “fair” between current and future generations.

Our recent roundtable explored a framework for assessing the intergenerational effects of decarbonisation and climate adaptation.


Maximising public value in energy and water

Our new discussion paper explores how stakeholder engagement can maximise public value in the energy and water sectors.

We put forward our ‘Essential Services Utopia’ proffering some key outcomes we should aspire to achieve in essential services and highlight 26 ‘engagement opportunities’ and recommendations to maximise public value.


8 sustainability principles for a disrupted world

We need urgent action if we are to navigate a deeply uncertain future.

Our Director, Sharon Darcy, puts forward eight sustainability principles, which could be used to guide future decision-making. 



Regulation for the future: The implications of public purpose for policy and regulation in utilities

We are at a crucial time in determining economic regulation in utilities for the decades ahead.

Our latest report makes recommendations for rethinking the regulatory system to deliver fairness for people and planet.

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