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Sustainability First is a charity and think-tank focussed on social and environmental issues in energy and water


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A Fair Transition

Sustainability First has been working with National Grid to make the shift to clean energy fair, inclusive and affordable. This engagement was aimed at fostering discussion, empowering citizens, and developing recommendations for National Grid and other decision makers in the clean energy transition.

clean energy

Scale and speed in the energy shift

Clare Davidson, from Sustainability First, speaks to the National Infrastructure Commission’s chief executive James Heath, about how he sees the climate change challenge and underlines why action must be on a huge scale, and fast

Climbing figures

Owat's Water Efficiency Fund

In our latest response to Ofwat, we argue for a more sustainable way of living, with a cross sectoral behaviour change campaign in water.

We believe that the creation of an independent, not-for-profit central delivery body could bring together Ofwat’s two proposals - a national behaviour change campaign for England and Wales and more targeted consumer and community initiatives.


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Tackling SF6 on the electricity network

SF6 is a highly potent greenhouse gas, widely used by the electricity networks in their equipment. New legislation at EU level makes finding alternatives a priority. But alternatives that have been piloted typically use “forever chemicals” (PFAS). This raises questions about how networks should balance these concerns with the network growth needed to meet net zero. 

Water sewage and solutions

Why flexibility matters in PR24

Associate Martin Hurst makes the case for more, and meaningful, flexibility in the Price Review (PR24) process in the water sector, and considers what options might exist. This feature first appeared in The Water Report. We are keen to engage further on this topic; if you are interested in having a discussion please contact

Looking through the FOG - Future of Gas Networks

There is much uncertainty around the decarbonisation of heat but gas networks are likely to play a smaller role than today. In this viewpoint, Associates Judith Ward and Maxine Frerk raise questions about policy and how the decline of the gas networks will be regulated, as well as customer disconnections, and possible stranded assets.

Together for a Fair Climate Future

Our Together for a Fair Climate Future programme of events culminated in a series of key messages about how we should respond to climate change. It became abundantly clear that we must address the climate crisis and social inequality together. Click on the image to see our virtual book including the huge variety and richness of entries to this year’s art and writing prizes.


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