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We are a think-tank and charity that works in essential services to promote practical solutions to improve environmental, social and economic well-being.


Virtual Book 2021

Together for a Fair Climate Future

Key messages from our Together for a Fair Climate Future programme of events, culminated in a virtual book about how we respond to climate change. It underlined that we need to address the climate crisis and social inequality together. Click on the image to see the huge variety and richness of entries to this year’s art and writing prizes.


Sustainability Principles

How can we support and embed the transformational shift now taking place toward sustainability?

This briefing explains why a principles-based approach is important and shares our survey results on how key actors approach sustainability.


The energy crisis and future retail markets

The energy crisis requires solutions that deliver both fairness and net zero. This paper argues for active engagement with civil society, and urgent investment in energy efficiency. It explores ways to provide social protection both short-term to help people this winter and medium to longer-term to ensure that retail energy markets are fit for the future. 

Fairness between generations

One of the challenges in tackling a long-term fundamental issue like climate change is to ensure that the approach taken is “fair” between current and future generations.

Our recent roundtable explored a framework for assessing the intergenerational effects of decarbonisation and climate adaptation.


Regulation for the future: The implications of public purpose for policy and regulation in utilities

We are at a crucial time in determining economic regulation in utilities for the decades ahead.

Our latest report makes recommendations for rethinking the regulatory system to deliver fairness for people and planet.

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