Who we are
Who we are

Who we are

Sustainability First is a charity and think tank that was set up in 2000 to:

  • Advance knowledge and understanding of the environmental, social and economic aspects of sustainability and undertake and procure research and publish results

  • Promote ideas, actions and changes to further integration of quality of life with environmental protection, including the combating of comate change, at a community, regional, national and international level

Our purpose

“Sustainability First drives fundamental change to promote and embed practical, evidence-based solutions for sustainability in UK essential services”

Our definition of ‘sustainability’ includes social, environmental and economic wellbeing and is based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The ‘essential services’, and the systems in which they operate, that we are particularly focused on are public utilities such as energy, water and communications.  Where relevant, and the opportunity arises, we seek to extend our impact into other essential service sectors.

We are an ‘informed’ think tank.  We focus on evidence and what works whilst seeking transformational systems change.

Our aims

Shape agendas

Use our cutting-edge research and analysis to shape systems and approaches in sectors such as energy, water and communications.

Embed sustainability

Push thinking in new directions through informed engagement in UK public utilities

Connect, inspire and engage

Through inclusive, collaborative and creative engagement, bring about sustainable environmental, social and cultural change in UK essential services