Affordability, Vulnerability & Fairness
Affordability, Vulnerability & Fairness

Energy, water and communications are essential services that are crucial for public wellbeing.  Our work seeks to ensure that these services are affordable, both for today and tomorrow, and that service providers meet the needs of people in vulnerable situations, including in the pandemic.  

Our research examines fuel and water poverty, innovation for people with additional needs, who pays for social and environmental costs, how different needs are balanced in a fair way, and the frameworks needed to ensure a just transition to Net Zero.

Current and recent projects

Fair Transition

Fair Transition

Sustainability First is providing National Grid with strategic advice on developing and delivering a Fair Transition Strategy for its UK business

Fair for the Future Project

Fair for the Future

Our Fair for the Future project was set up in 2018 to help utilities better address the politics around fairness and the environment.  Focused on the energy, water and communications sectors, this major project has explored how companies can maintain a social contract with society through disruptive change and what a focus on corporate purpose means for companies, policy makers and regulators.

Project Inspire


Our ‘Inspire’ project on innovation and consumer vulnerability ran from 2016 to 2018. The overarching aim was to improve service delivery and quality of life for energy customers in vulnerable circumstances.

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