Virtual Book
Together for a Fair Climate Future Virtual Book


Our 2021 virtual book synthesises the key messages we heard from contributors across the Together for a Fair Climate Future programme. It showcases entries to the art and writing prizes and shares impactful quotations. 

On pages 6-7 we put forward nine recommendations that set out the 'social scaffolding' needed to support technological change to address the climate crisis, decarbonise the economy and achieve net zero. 

The video opposite includes some of the highlights from our discussion event series that shaped the book.

Key messages from the book


  • The time for talking is over - we need to see strategic action for systems change to address the climate crisis and build a fairer society. Individual action is important, but not sufficient. 
  • Climate change must be treated as a fairness issue; social and environmental issues cannot be treated separately. The unequal impacts of climate change need to be recognised and addressed through decision-making, and the transition to a low-carbon future must be socially just. 
  • Citizens and communities, especially those most impacted by climate change and intersecting inequalities, must be actively and meaningfully engaged in co-producing climate responses, ensuring a diversity of voices inform decision-making. 

A huge thank you to all those who were involved in our Together for a Fair Climate Future programme.

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