Public Purpose
Together for a Fair Climate Future

Connecting, inspiring and engaging diverse voices

Together for a Fair Climate Future is connecting, inspiring and engaging activists, artists, academics, policymakers, utility companies and community organisers to work together for social and environmental fairness.

Through our creative and inclusive discussion events, educational outreach activities, art and writing prizes and conference on social and systems change, we are developing new visions for the future, ideas to bring about a fundamental shift for a more sustainable society and partnerships to deliver lasting change.

Working with National Grid, these activities will help shape the UK response to the COP26 Climate Change Conference.

Current work

North Sea Artist Residencies

Sustainability First and National Grid hosted three art residencies based by the UK’s North Sea, a world-leading centre for sustainable energy using the power of the wind, waves and tides. The three artists engaged with local communities impacted by the shift to clean energy, and co-produced work. 

Previous work

Shake up the System

A virtual conference, exploring how behavioural, societal, and cultural changes can link to achieve meaningful systems change in the UK to address the climate crisis and develop a fairer society. The conference will bring together learning and experience from across sectors – identifying common barriers and enablers to help all actors move forward in their work. 

Discussion Series

 A series of six livestream discussion events on how action for the climate crisis and social justice can come together and how to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic in way that’s fair, innovative, and positive for the environment.

Sustainability First Art and Writing Prizes 2021

The theme for our 2021 Art and Writing Prizes brings together the climate crisis, fairness in society, and how we work together to achieve a more sustainable future.

Educational Outreach

In collaboration with the Great Science Share for Schools, we have developed a pilot series of workshop materials and activities on sustainability and climate action to inspire, educate and engage pupils.

Join the Sustainable Futures Network

We are developing a network of artists, creative people, university students, teachers, academics and sustainability professionals in utilities, policy and regulation. Creating new collaborations, conversations and perspectives. Please get involved.

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