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Today's children and young people will be at the forefront in inheriting a world undergoing climate and ecological emergency; it is our responsibility to help them develop knowledge and skills, including creativity, literacy and collaboration, so they can take action and tackle this emergency, whilst caring for the environment and each other.
To support pupils and educators, whave developed a series of interdisciplinary workshop materials and activities on sustainability and climate action to inspire, educate and engage pupils in KS2 and KS3 (Second and Third Level in Scotland)

Our workshop activities are linked to the National Curriculums for England and Wales, and the Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland. They are targeted at Key Stage 2 and Second Level and KS3 and Third Level pupils but can also be adapted for younger and older pupils. 

Each workshop is led by pupils’ curiosity, showing how their views matter. They combine lessons and tasks on art, science, geography, literacy, social justice and citizenship.

Resources for primary schools

Our KS2 workshops, delivered in collaboration with the Great Science share for Schools,engage pupils in topics related to climate action, waste and water through writing and art activities


Let's get wise about waste

This workshop explores why we produce waste, its impact on people and the planet and how we can avoid waste and reuse materials creatively. Art and writing activities, including making marionette shadow figures and writing stories about old clothes, support pupils to consider how we can reduce waste in our daily lives and through cultural change. 

Curriculum links:

England - KS2 Reading and Writing, Science, Art and Design 
Scotland - Second level Literacy, Social Studies, Expressive Arts 
Wales - KS2 Art and Design, English, Geography, History 

Our changing world

This workshop focuses on the climate crisis and its consequences. We begin by exploring the existing connections we have with the planet through presentations and an art activity. We then explore why and how we should care for nature and each other through climate pledges and a mini yoga session.

Curriculum Links:
England - KS2 English (Writing - composition), Science, Art and Design 
Wales - KS2 Art and Design, Geography  

Scotland - Second-Level Science (Topical), Social Studies (people, place and environment), Literacy,  Expressive Arts 


The wonders of water

This workshop will explore the necessity of healthy and sustainable water systems. Art and writing workshops will support pupils to develop creative skills to communicate the impact of unsustainable behaviours on wildlife as well as how to take action to save water and ensure healthy rivers and oceans. 

Curriculum Links:

England - KS2 English, Science, Geography (physical and human), Art and Design  
Scotland - Level 2 Science (topical), Sciences (Planet Earth, Social Studies (people, place, environment), Expressive Arts 
Wales - Science, Geography, Art & Design 

Resources for Secondary Schools

Our KS3 workshops support pupils to explore topics related to renewable energy and climate leadership. We are able to offer free, bespoke support to teachers on delivering the workshops through teacher training or facilitating discussions with pupils. Please enquire at


Sparking conversations

This workshop explores energy – particularly by comparing fossil fuels and renewable energy. A presentation scribed by artist William Bock will take students from the beginning of our reliance on fossil fuels to present-day generation of renewable energy in the UK. 

Helping our hurting planet

This workshop explores the climate and biodiversity crisis and how young people can develop and use leadership skills to take action. A presentation scribed by artist William Bock identifies important leadership skills and how young people can use these skills to create change.


Pupils' assembly

The workshop series will culminate with a pupils' assembly, where we are inviting pupils to share their art and writing to celebrate their work. 

We also want to empower students to feed into high level change. This event will also feature a panel of experts in waste, climate action and water. We are asking pupils to present comments, questions and suggestions about sustainability to the panel so they can take these opinions forward in their decision-making.
Please email if you are interested in getting involved the Pupils' Assembly.

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